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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sick, Sick, Sick and Sick!

The three kids and I are sick. It has hit Griffin the hardest. I took him to the doctor yesterday morning when he was having trouble breathing. He was diagnosed with RSV. I'm sure that's what the rest of us have too, but in children older than 2 it just acts like a bad cold. Everyone around here is crank-y! Thank goodness for snow days and Grandmama. Grandmama stopped by here when school was let out early for snow and picked up Lily. Lily hasn't been 100% either, but her symptoms have been the mildest and she has tons of energy to spare. She will be having a fun time sleeping over at Grandmama and Granddad's house so that I can devote more time between Schaeffer and Griffin. Schaeffer is congested and coughing, but he is still a champ and playing like usual. He has his moments when he begins to whine and get cranky and needs a little TLC from Momma. Griffin, on the other hand, is pitiful. He whimpers a lot, which is breaking my heart. He has a nebulizer and gets breathing treatments every 6 hours. Those, and Tylenol, seem to help him get comfy for a little bit to rest. I'm just praying that we get through this with no additional complications.

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Jesse and Leslie said...

BOO! Hope everyone feels better soon!