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Friday, January 22, 2010

Griffin is 9 Months

How fast the days go by! I can hardly believe Griffin is just 3 months shy of his 1st birthday. I'm not ready to even think about that.

Griffin has such a sweet spirit. He is content, happy, smiley, and even-tempered. He rarely gets upset. He still lets me know loud and clear when he is hungry or tired, but otherwise he is content to play and watch his surroundings. I guess for a third child, the surroundings are quite exciting.

Griffin is trying more than ever to get into the middle of the action with Schaeffer and Lily. He still is not crawling but he can make his way around a room with a pretty efficient army crawl. I think he'll figure out crawling before too long since he gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth. He is sitting up without support, but he still forgets he is sitting up and then topples over when he reaches for a toy. Griffin is not very vocal. He makes some noises such as Gaaa and Da-Da-Da when you speak to him. He communicates more through expressive eyes and a sweet little grin.

Just a couple of weeks ago his top two teeth came in. We didn't hardly notice that he was cutting teeth because we were busy making sure he recovered well from RSV. Even though I know he felt miserable with RSV - fever, cough and lots of snot - he was such a trooper. And then we noticed the teeth breaking through his gums. I'm sure it only added to his misery during his illness.

Griffin is such an added blessing in my life. I cannot imagine my world without him in it. And, although, some days I wonder what in the world I'm doing with 3 children ages 4 and under {many times I get tired, frustrated, and impatient}, but I still praise God for adding to the joy in my life with such a sweet spirited baby boy!

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