PHANEROO \fan-er-o-oo\Greek: to manifest in word or deed.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The View from the Top

The kids and I joined Granddad and Grandmama on a hike yesterday at Smokemont, NC. It was an easy 2.5 mile round trip on a fairly flat trail. I wish I could say it was indeed easy, but I carried Charlotte on my back in the carrier and Griffin in my arms most of the way. He is usually a great little hiker, but we were hiking during his nap time so he was not really up to it. We hiked to a little stream and the kids played in it before we turned and came back down the trail. As we crossed back over the Smoky Mtns on the way home, I pulled off at Newfound Gap to snap a pic. Charlotte and Griffin were sacked out in the van. I guess the ride on my back and in my arms wore them out (isn't that ironic?!). I'm always amazed by the majestic views in the Smoky Mtns. I shall never tire of living here and getting to experience the beauty that surrounds East TN.
Newfound Gap
One of a million butterflies we saw on the trail.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Belvidere/Winchester, TN: Wedding on a Farm

Lana's wedding was beautiful and fun (and a blazing 100-degrees)! Here are some snapshots from my favorite moments from our trip this weekend. Griffin and Charlotte stayed behind with Grandmama while Schaeffer and Lily got some quality time with us.

We stopped in at San Miguel Coffeehouse in Winchester for some frosty Mocha Frappi's and Iced Tea.

Downtown Winchester. I love this little town!

Beautiful setting for the perfect outdoor wedding in Belvidere.

The Guest Fingerprint Tree full of "leaves."

The flower girl and ring bearer enjoying the farm. They both kicked off their boots, and Schaeff untucked and pulled off his suspenders, as soon as possible because it was HOT!

If only this wagon were hitched to some of those fine Tennessee mules.

Admiring the happy couple as they take their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. S.

We feel a little like proud parents to Lana and Matt.

The dance floor begins to light up as the sun sets.