PHANEROO \fan-er-o-oo\Greek: to manifest in word or deed.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summertime Hippie

There's something about summer that sets free my inner hippie.* For me, summers mean cut-off denim and leather sandals. I have a rotation of three pairs of cut-off denim shorts that I made from vintage jeans. I'm old enough to call my own stuff vintage. With my homemade denim cut-offs, I prefer to sport a pair of brown sandals - either leather thong sandals or a pair of classic Birkenstocks. And when we are getting outdoorsy or sporty, I grab my red Keen sandals. I think I've pretty much worn this cut-off/sandal combo since my college days, and maybe even since middle school or before. Come to think of it, my parents have this adorable picture of me in denim shorts with my belly pooching out from beneath a white eyelet cropped halter top. I mean, how hippie can you get?! I never did outgrow that baby-fat roll around my mid-section.

There have been some variations on the summer sandals, but not much variation on the cut-offs with the exception of the waistband size. I still prefer good ole worn-in Levi's. My favorite sandals were from my college days. They were two-strap clog sandals that I purchased at the J. Crew outlet store and were similar to these. They became a chew toy for a dog I was doggie sitting. Apparently she loved to eat leather. I cried and cursed that dog under my breath. I still mourn for those clogs. They were super comfy and a lot hippie. And I'm sure I had saved up for weeks working at my minimum wage job to get a new pair of brown summer sandals just for them to become a chew toy shortly after. I have not found a suitable replacement for them for less than $150. Hippie ain't cheap these days!

I've kept a clothing budget rule for many years now. I generally won't purchase a piece of clothing that costs more than $20 and ideally less than $10 (budget rule exceptions: jeans, shoes, and handbags.) Have I mentioned that I like thrift stores? So when I find a website like Zara selling classic pieces with subtle hippie nuances within my budget rule, I bookmark it and check back often.

I'm pretty sure I was born in the 70's in the month of August for a reason. Peace out!

* I do not condone, nor take part in, illegal drug use, casual sex, or political anarchy. Just to set the record straight.