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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lily's Preschool Countdown!

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Since we are less than one month away from the first day of Mother's Day Out (MDO) at our church, and since Lily is not showing a lot of progress in the potty-training department, I have gotten busy finding another MDO or preschool program that would accept her diapers and all. I've prayed so hard about this decision: Is MDO/preschool right for Lily? Is the timing right? Is she ready, or will she be ready? Lily's occupational therapist believes that preschool would be very beneficial to Lily's social development and help her further overcome her sensory and speech processing issues. I've prayed that God would reveal to me in His timing the right decisions for her.

I am pleased to announce that God has slowly unveiled the most perfect place for Lily that even I could not imagine. Everything just seems so perfect that I get a little nervous thinking something will crop up and really disappoint me. But, out of faith in answered prayer, I am very excited about every aspect of Lily's new preschool at a local Lutheran church.

1) Lily will be accepted without being potty trained.
2) The school day is shorter than regular MDO, which is perfect for Lily's schedule.
3) The facilities are clean and very beautiful.
4) The director is amazing and has an amazing approach to learning for preschoolers (similar to the Montessori method), which I believe is the perfect fit for Lily.
5) The director is familiar with Sensory Processing Disorder, and even though it's not a major hinderance in how Lily will function in preschool, the director is supportive and eager to learn as many ideas/tips as she can to help Lily succeed there.
6) There will only be two classrooms of eight children with two teachers in each room.
7) Lily seemed very excited to attend!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Watch Him Grow!

Just give him water...

And food...

And watch him grow!

Schaeffer started taking his first steps last week!! This is one of my favorite milestones. He looks so cute with those chubby-fat, bow legs and flat chubby feet shakily propelling his body forward. It's amazing to watch a baby develop from no mobility as a newborn to complete independence and freedom as a walker and explorer. He's still very unsure of himself and prefers crawling as his main means of transportation.

Schaeffer makes lots of sounds, and loud ones! We're still eagerly anticipating his first word. Sometimes I hear him make the sounds ma-ma-ma, na-na-na, ca-ca-ca, and so on. I know that he'll begin using these sounds in meaningful ways very soon. I hope his first word is Mama, but it won't surprise me if he starts off with "Ba" (ball) or "Ye-ye" (Lily).

Schaeffer loves to push buttons on anything, such as the TV, DVD player, telephone, remote, etc. He also loves to play with the cars and trucks that he received for his first birthday. Instinctively he knows what they are supposed to do.

BJ says, and I agree, that we'll probably have to be more firm with him since he seems a bit more determined than his big sister. He doesn't like to take "No" for an answer and likes to test us on this concept daily. Luckily we're bigger and stronger than him right now. We can't afford to lose this battle because he might turn out to be a big fella one day soon.

I've enjoyed having a son and watching all the difference between him and Lily. Everthing about my two children are wonderfully different and special. I love them both very much!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blackberry Cobbler Season

Behind our house, along the walking trail, thick patches of blackberry bushes grow wild. Some of them are very easy to reach while standing on the walking trail. Every few nights, since the week of July 4th, BJ has been walking behind our house to pick some of these wild blackberries. So far this season we've enjoyed three blackberry cobblers made by my mom. She agreed that if we picked the blackberries and brought them to her she would make us some cobbler. Yummy!

My mom is notorious for cooking without recipes. A few weeks ago I asked her for her blackberry cobbler recipe. She gave me some very vague directions. Me, I need very detailed instructions. One afternoon when she was preparing one of the cobblers, with paper and pencil in hand I observed her closely and took note of every move she made. And tonight I duplicated one of my mom's own blackberry cobblers. I'm quite proud. It turned out quite yummy. Thanks, Mom!

BJ wishes that I would spend an entire summer as my mom's apprentice in the kitchen. He has a lengthy list of recipes that he desires for me to obtain from her so that I can duplicate them at home for him. I guess blackberry cobbler is a good start.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mini Vacation

BJ, the kids, and I will be heading to Townsend tomorrow for a long weekend - and then again on Monday through Wednesday without the kids to celebrate our upcoming 10-year wedding anniversary (10 years of amazing lovin' as I've been teasing BJ). I'll be sharing lots of photos (only of the kids...hee hee hee) when I return, especially since I still need to post Schaeffer's first birthday party photos from this past weekend.

Happy Fourth of July!!