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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lily's Preschool Countdown!

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Since we are less than one month away from the first day of Mother's Day Out (MDO) at our church, and since Lily is not showing a lot of progress in the potty-training department, I have gotten busy finding another MDO or preschool program that would accept her diapers and all. I've prayed so hard about this decision: Is MDO/preschool right for Lily? Is the timing right? Is she ready, or will she be ready? Lily's occupational therapist believes that preschool would be very beneficial to Lily's social development and help her further overcome her sensory and speech processing issues. I've prayed that God would reveal to me in His timing the right decisions for her.

I am pleased to announce that God has slowly unveiled the most perfect place for Lily that even I could not imagine. Everything just seems so perfect that I get a little nervous thinking something will crop up and really disappoint me. But, out of faith in answered prayer, I am very excited about every aspect of Lily's new preschool at a local Lutheran church.

1) Lily will be accepted without being potty trained.
2) The school day is shorter than regular MDO, which is perfect for Lily's schedule.
3) The facilities are clean and very beautiful.
4) The director is amazing and has an amazing approach to learning for preschoolers (similar to the Montessori method), which I believe is the perfect fit for Lily.
5) The director is familiar with Sensory Processing Disorder, and even though it's not a major hinderance in how Lily will function in preschool, the director is supportive and eager to learn as many ideas/tips as she can to help Lily succeed there.
6) There will only be two classrooms of eight children with two teachers in each room.
7) Lily seemed very excited to attend!


Staci said...

YEAH! I am so excited for you - I think I know which preschool you are talking about -isn't it out your way in Ftn. City somewhere?
I hope that take off some of the potty training stress!

The Knight Family said...

That is wonderful. Isn't God awesome to just take care of that burden for you like that! :)

Emily said...

Staci, actually the church is in West Knoxville. It'll be a small drive but I think it will be well worth it. It has been very difficult finding a place that will accept a 3-yr-old who isn't potty trained - very frustrating!