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Monday, July 14, 2008

Blackberry Cobbler Season

Behind our house, along the walking trail, thick patches of blackberry bushes grow wild. Some of them are very easy to reach while standing on the walking trail. Every few nights, since the week of July 4th, BJ has been walking behind our house to pick some of these wild blackberries. So far this season we've enjoyed three blackberry cobblers made by my mom. She agreed that if we picked the blackberries and brought them to her she would make us some cobbler. Yummy!

My mom is notorious for cooking without recipes. A few weeks ago I asked her for her blackberry cobbler recipe. She gave me some very vague directions. Me, I need very detailed instructions. One afternoon when she was preparing one of the cobblers, with paper and pencil in hand I observed her closely and took note of every move she made. And tonight I duplicated one of my mom's own blackberry cobblers. I'm quite proud. It turned out quite yummy. Thanks, Mom!

BJ wishes that I would spend an entire summer as my mom's apprentice in the kitchen. He has a lengthy list of recipes that he desires for me to obtain from her so that I can duplicate them at home for him. I guess blackberry cobbler is a good start.

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Ashley Jessie said...

Hope you had it with some yummy icecream. There is no hope for me when it comes to cooking even with a wise teacher. What you see is what you get!!! Ha!