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Monday, January 18, 2010

Farmhouse Infatuation

I've been infatuated with farmhouses lately. I'm talking about the good ole, hardworking, American classic. You know, the ones with white clapboard siding, simple foursquare construction, large front porch, and a tin roof. I can't get enough. I've wanted to drive around the area and find some, photograph them, look up photos online, decorate them in my head. It's like some weird illness. I get on these kicks sometimes. I just have to research and exhaust every aspect of the idea before I can move on to something else. So for now, I'm all about farmhouses. I must admit our small town has an amazing sampling of these fine American icons scattered around the area. Some are brick but most are white wood siding. I really will have to capture some photos of my favorites and post them here. Currently there's a farmhouse, Murphy Springs Farm, just outside my subdivision that is undergoing historic preservation. I've enjoyed watching this old beauty come back to it's original grandeur as a majestic settlement for the hardworking American farmer.

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