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Thursday, April 11, 2013

And the Art Fair Winners Are...

I'm proud of Schaeffer and Lily for the artwork they submitted this year at our homeschool co-op's art fair. Schaeffer won "Best in Show," which is an honor given to only two elementary students for their work. Lily won a "1st Place" ribbon for her entry, which is an honor given to only one student from 1st and 2nd grade combined. I'm a very proud mama!

"The Night the Death Angel Passed Over" (Notice the two figures in the top right window of his painting. He specifically wanted to add a head of a dad and his son. How sweet is that?!)
"This is My Father's World" (This is Lily's interpretation of a girl band rockin' it for God!)

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Amanda said...

They are so talented! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.