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Monday, April 1, 2013

1st Annual Easter Tailgate Party

BJ and I have often talked about how much effort some folks spend leading up to a big game like the Super Bowl or the SEC Championship. Yet we spend so little effort leading up to a big celebration like Easter. This day is like the Super Bowl of Christianity! It's a day when our churches have standing room only or they conduct their worship services in theaters, stadiums, and coliseums to make room for all who want to celebrate. We have joked, what if people actually threw tailgate parties outside these facilities to extend the celebration over the whole weekend? What if people tried to nab a parking spot anticipating the crowd on Sunday? We see this displayed nearly every Friday and Saturday in the fall when the Big Orange crowds take over downtown Knoxville and UT campus. It's exciting, there's a certain camaraderie in the air. What if we experienced that over the weekend when the whole community celebrates the resurrection of our Lord? So...we organized a 1st Annual Easter Tailgate Party in the parking lot of our church. It was so much fun! We grilled hot dogs, roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. The kids (and adults) played four square and rode bikes and scooters on the paved lot. We celebrated until sundown. I hope this becomes an annual event for us, because it sure was fun spending the evening before Easter Sunday with church family.

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