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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Griffin is 5 Months

Happy, smiley, talkey, and squirmy - that's my little Griffin! He is so full of life. His personality is vibrant and it shines through more each day. He is laid back, yet, energetic. He is getting a little more mobile the way he squirms and rolls his way around a room. He enjoys looking at toys and exploring them with his mouth. It's like he's trying to absorb everything in his environment. Just the other day I saw him roll over and stare intently out the back door window for what seemed like 10 minutes - maybe he'll be the contemplator in the family. Ha ha!!

He still enjoys watching Lily and Schaeffer as they play around him. I can tell that he's eager to get in the middle of the action. In about 2 more months I bet he will have it figured out. Watch out Lily and Schaeffer!

Just recently, Griffin has been sleeping in his crib in his own room. That transition hasn't gone so great. He has not been a terrific sleeper since birth so the transition from our room to his room just disturbed the little bit of sleep rhythm that we established. But he has outgrown his Moses basket that he loves so much. It was really cute watching him try to get comfortable in his basket because sometimes he'd throw his leg up over the side just to stretch out. I knew it was time to move to the crib.

Griffin is also a little communicator. He will make lots of noise and wave his arms up and down to get my attention. As soon as I turn to look at him, he grins really big as if to say "I got your attention, Mommy! Now talk to me and tell me how much you love me!" He's successfully mastering communication skills.


Pamela said...

Those cheeks are sooo kissable! And I bet he will be doing everything early watching big sis and brother!
We also used the Moses basket and I too was sad when she outgrew it. We then switched to the pack n play which we kept at the foot of our bed, but that only lasted a couple weeks because I think it was probably uncomfortable so she did great transitioning to her crib. You could always break out the packnplay for a day or two and then maybe he will be glad to be in the comfy crib, lol...just joking. Good luck with the nights!

Emily said...

We broke out the packnplay too. But you're right. I think it's uncomfortable. He does sleep better in his crib than his packnplay. I guess that's a positive :-)