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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Furniture Assembly, Change, Etc.

BJ has put together a lot of furniture in our history together. Four years ago, all of Lily's baby furniture came in boxes. And then when Schaeffer was due, we were given another crib which Lily now uses and Schaeffer uses her first set. This donated crib also came disassembled. All of Griffin's furniture is arriving in boxes disassembled. The kids received an activity table this past Christmas disassembled. And we've moved five times in our 10 years of marriage. A lot of our furniture was disassembled and reassembled in one day. BJ definitely has plenty of experience assembling furniture in our home. One thing that never fails, the pieces never fit together right and what should only take 30 minutes turns into a 3-hour project. But, my man never gives up - he perseveres and gets the job done. Because of him we have one piece of Griffin's furniture put together and in place. Maybe in a few more weeks the rest of the pieces will come together and I can begin posting some photos.

We are still encouraging Lily to give up her crib. Last night she was so close to letting it go. She was excited about the idea of getting her crib moved out and a new desk for her coloring supplies moved in. And then in the last minute, she freaked out and changed her mind. BJ was just seconds away from totally dissassembling her crib before the reality set in and Lily realized the crib was going to be gone forever. One thing is for sure, Lily does NOT like change. I think she likes the "idea" of change but realistically she cannot handle change. So for now, with big change on the horizon for everyone in our home, we will keep as many things the same as possible for Lily and Schaeffer.


Jesse and Leslie said...

Glad to hear things are going so well as you prepare for baby #3! I was picturing the whole story with Lily and the crib in my head and it made me think, how we all like to hold on to what is comfortable, what is familiar. She will let go when she is ready. Love you guys!

The Knight Family said...

I totally agree - there is no reason to rush the issue if she loves it that much.... Coming from a fellow "creature of habit" Lover!
my motto is keep them little as long as you can! :)
Emma Grace has a "big girl bed" - but still sleeps with us -EVERY NIGHT!! (at least Lily is in her own room! :)))))

Emily said...

It's funny because it was Lily's idea to move the crib out so she could have the desk - there's absolutely no room for the desk with the crib in there. She was very excited about the idea earlier in the day and asked us to mnove the crib out of her room. But then she chickened out. I'm totally content with her staying in her crib until she's ready. We've always taken a laid back approach to parenting. It's funny because she would probably be in our bed too if it weren't for the crib. She doesn't know how to crawl out of it so she's stuck there until we get her out in the mornings. Cribs can definitely be a convenience :-) I'm a creature of habit too, and BJ always says how much Lily is like me in that we both cannot sleep away from home. I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree :-)

Unknown said...

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