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Saturday, August 11, 2012

New York City - A girls' trip

I met up with my Memphis friend, Betsy, in New York City for an extended 3-day weekend. We are perfect travel companions because we love the same things, travel the same way, and aren't afraid to keep a fast sight-seeing pace. We traveled via plane, subway, cab, bus, and on foot. We hit all major areas of Manhattan: Upper East Side, Soho, Greenwhich Village, Gramercy Park (my favorite), Time Square, Flatiron District (where Obama was visiting on our last day there), Meatpacking District, Fashion District (where our hotel was), Chinatown, Battery Park, and everywhere in between. I loved every square inch of NYC. I would move there in a heartbeat! Here's a glimpse of our trip.
Time Square from the double-decker tour bus.

Parsons, where Project Runway is filmed.

The Empire State building disappearing into the clouds.

When it began to rain while on the double-decker bus, the guide handed out ponchos.

We saw Wicked, the Broadway show that tells the story of the Wicked Witch and Glenda the Good Witch before Dorothy arrived in Oz.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. My favorite part of the trip.

In front of Monet's sunflowers.

Van Gogh

On The Met's rooftop with Manhattan as the backdrop. An amazing place!

An interesting character spotted on 5th Ave. This happens to be a 70-year old man in a bikini riding a girls bike.

Nighttime view of the Empire State building from a rooftop restaurant.

The 911 Memorial. This is one of two fountains which was built on the spot where Tower #1 once stood. For scale, notice how small the people appear on the other side of the fountain. The new World Trade Towers are still under construction and one of them can be seen in this photo just beyond the fountain. They are architectural marvels!

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