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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guest Fingerprint Tree

We are going to Lana's wedding this weekend in Belvedere, TN. It should be beautiful (and hot) since the venue will be on a family farm. One thing that she wanted to do was have one of these in lieu of a guest book. I thought it was one of the coolest ideas and I love the symbolism it portrays. Apparently, Pinterest (a place in which I must guard my eyes and heart for fear of coveting) is a bride's new best friend because this idea and many others she found came from that place. She didn't want to spend $100 (+ shipping & handling) on one so that's where I came in.

My version of a Guest Fingerprint Tree:
Close up view. Pen on 16" x 24" canvas.

In its frame that the Bride picked out.

1 comment:

Jesse and Leslie said...

So beautiful Emily!!! My friend Amanda did that at her gender reveal party for the guest book! LOVED IT! Have a blast...stay cool!