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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Speech and Feeding Therapy, Here We Come...Again

Griffin had a speech and feeding evaluation yesterday morning. He was so sweet and he interacted with the therapist, students (college students doing clinicals), and even the ladies at the front desk. He has no lack of expression, except for the fact that his expressive language skills are at the level of a 6-month-old. But I'm certain it's because he can be so expressive with his eyes and smile that he has no need for language! Unfortunately that type of expressiveness won't help us avoid speech therapy. The therapist is recommending weekly speech therapy and feeding therapy. His feeding skills were even worse than his speech skills. I sort of knew that but sometimes you just need a professional to tell you what you already knew to be true in your heart. The therapist who evaluated Griffin will be trying to find a therapist who does home visits since that's ideal for working with infants. Honestly, that'll be the best for all of us otherwise I'll have to find a babysitter for the other two every week. Meantime I have some activities to do at home to help Griffin work through some of his feeding issues. His biggest feeding issue is gagging/vomitting while eating. And since he was not interested in eating yesterday at the appointment, the therapist could not watch the mechanics of how his mouth and swallowing worked. But we may also be referred for a swallowing test once he is consistently eating and swallowing something.

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