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Friday, October 10, 2008

Boys Really Are Different

Okay, so this post may not qualify for publication in the Journal for American Academy of Pediatrics, nor is it based on a super scientific study involving 1,000 children or more. But since I birthed a daughter first and a son second, I've become qualified to make some keen observations and comparisons the past 16 months that have led me to believe that boys really are different (please see disclaimer below before proceeding):

1. Anything with wheels on it is an instant attention-getter and it quickly becomes the favorite toy. Second favorite is any kind of ball.
2. Communication skills may be slower to develop than other developmental skills, and the words "vroom, vroom" will proceed all other words including "mama" and "dada." Although the word "ball" may be the exception to this rule.
3. Anything that rises vertically from the ground is considered a mountain that must be conquered despite numerous injuries from previous attempts (and despite negative reactions - including screams of panic - from onlookers).
4. The unquenchable love of electronics starts at birth, and quite possibly at conception.
5. Testosterone must be responsible for rapid growth of eyelashes. Boys can grow them thicker and longer than any female.
6. Testosterone must also be responsible for decreased hearing.
7. Throwing objects is just as important as mouthing them.
8. Cognitive skills expand greatly after watching an object bounce off the wall and crash at high speeds onto ceramic tile flooring - some would call it a study in physics.
9. Regardless of his brute strength and matchless determination, he still cries easily if Mama leaves the room or tells him "No."
10. Lastly (and most baffling), there's a definite fascination with a certain body part.

*Please read this article only if you agree to the following statement: I agree not to hold the author of this post responsible for injury to the self-esteem of any male. I will not accuse the author of stereotyping. I understand that the author has made some very valid statements based on observations and in-depth study of a perfectly cute and healthy baby boy whom she loves and cherishes very much.


The Knight Family said...

Emily - you crack me up!
As the Mama of 2 boys - I must say that was very "well put". Boys definitely are different from girls....
but as the mama of one little girl also - -I must say that boys are so much "easier" and have so much less "drama"! Love em all the same though!
Cute post!!! :)

The Zalks said...

LOL! Good to know. I will say altho our little boy (and girl) aren't quite here yet... from working w/ twos @ school I KNOW they are true... and only get worse w/ age. haha especially #10!

Mommy said...

Amen and Amen sister! All 10 are valid at my house...especially 6 and 10