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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pixie Hair

I've been considering for a while now going back to my pixie hair cut. First I must lose all this baby weight, which will probably take no less than one year from the time Griffin is born since I feel like I'm gaining at the rate of 5 lbs per minute. This hair cut was so easy to take care of - no hair dryer, no hair brush, and very minimal hair products required to keep this hair style. The only maintenance was the frequency of visits to the hair stylist for trims - probably once every 2-3 weeks. But with two little ones at home and one on the way, I'm getting sick of seeing myself in ponytails every day because I can barely get a shower let alone style my hair for 30 minutes with a brush and hair dryer. Here are some photos of my 'do back in the mid-90's. These are photos of photos since I didn't have a digital camera back in the day and I don't have a scanner now. (Please excuse the closed eyes and bad shots but this is all I had.)


Staci said...

Boy do I remember this! Personally me - your OLD, honest friend I like the longer hair - just my 2 cents! But luckily you can handle it - me? not on my life!
:) Can't wait to see your new "do"!

The Knight Family said...

Oh Emily.... I LOVE that!
Sooooo cute -I never knew you when you had short hair - very different look from Im used to seeing you as,
but I like it.
"You" would probably be cute even in a BUN! :)
Did BJ like it short?

Emily said...

Thanks Cindy! I enjoyed the cut and I decided to grow it out after a few years when I was ready for a change. But the short hair is fun and easy. It took a lot of focus off my hair, and my looks, every day because I wasn't constantly messing with it, fixing it, washing, drying, styling it. My hair just became hair and it was so much freedom! I had it short thru college and a few years into my marriage. BJ says I look pretty no matter what, but he likes long hair like most guys I guess.

And thank you Staci for your honesty. That's what friends are for :-) I did have some people tell me they liked my hair better long and that's okay. I haven't completely decided to cut it yet.