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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Nursery Has Begun

Turns out we owe taxes, and quite a bit. I'm thankful that my sugar daddy brings home loads of cash (that was supposed to be funny), but it sure does get painful at tax time around here. So anyway, Griffin's nursery is going to be scaled back. I can still acheive my plans for the room but I'll have to do it with much cheaper furniture. I really like the furniture but I'm not sure it'll be the quality that I was hoping for and last until Griffin leaves for college. Here's the crib and here's the changing table/dresser combo. Both pieces will be in the dark espresso color as pictured. I think it'll look very nice with the blue stripe bedding I've chosen from PB. I ordered the changing table yesterday because I saw that it was out of stock at Walmart and I feared it would go out of stock at Target as well. But the crib is available at Target stores so I will save on shipping. Right after Christmas I picked up two of these bookcases while they were on clearance. They will serve as toy and book storage in Griffin's room. I bought four canvas storage cubes to place on the shelves. I feel like I've finally gotten smart and have decided to incorporate lots of toy storage into his room. So we have three pieces of furniture purchased and hopefully over the next 10-12 weeks we'll have Griffin's room complete with decor and all. I will definitely post some photos as the nursery comes together.


Ashley Jessie said...

Love it all! I love PB's stuff...the bedding is great. I am working on a transition for Carson and Taylor's room. I just used stuff from last house...they need some "new" to their rooms...Carson wants to move upstairs....not sure about that just yet. Can't wait to see the new nursery.

Staci said...

I know what you mean about those taxes! We pay on them every 3 months and it is such a chunk of $ - makes me depressed when I have to write those checks!

I think the nursery will be great though!