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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Name Game, Nursery, Etc.

Baby Three may finally have a name, well, at least a first name...I'll reveal when I get the okay from Daddy. We need to let it simmer for a few days to make sure we really like it. I think it'll be a very appropriate name for a handsome little guy. We're also taking bets to see if Baby Three will have blue or brown eyes. History shows that very dark brown is the standard around here. However, I have blue eyes and there might be a very slim chance this little guy could have blue eyes, unless BJ is carrying the genotype BB and not Bb (remember the Punnett square).

We've begun Phase I of a multi-step process for getting Baby Three's nursery ready...

Phase I: Clear out boxes and random furniture so the room looks less like a storage unit.
Phase II: BJ will be adding additional insulation to the room's walls so Baby Three doesn't turn into a popsicle (the room is situated over the garage and is sandwiched between two storage spaces that lacks appropriate insulation to keep the temperature regulated).
Phase III: Purchase baby furniture, bedding and decor. This phase must be done after tax season because there's a good chance we'll be broke when we pay our '08 taxes and Baby Three will just have to sleep on the floor...only kidding, maybe...
Phase IV: Set up furniture and decorate room.
Phase V: Wash, sort and arrange Schaeffer's hand-me-downs into Baby Three's closet and dresser.
Phase VI: Give birth and enjoy months of sleepless nights!!

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