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Saturday, January 10, 2009

And the name is...

...Griffin James. This is Baby Three's name (unless God reveals otherwise). Even if someone were to tell me that they know someone with that name, or have a third cousin who was a complete geek with that name, or was considering that name for their baby, or that they just don't like it, there's a good possibility that this name will not be changing. In our home our babies' names have to go through rigorous testing. Unlike my grandparents who made the silly agreement that any son would be named by Grandpa and any daughter would be named by Grandma. They had four sons. My poor Grandma got the short end on that agreement! Our name testing looks like this:

1. Both BJ and I have to agree 100% on the name. If it's not 100% from both of us, the name is immediately tossed out. We've had several of those, even though they were all pretty good names, except William Wallace (BJ's first choice).
2. The name has no other associations or connections, such as, friends' children, or not-so-fond people from our past. We both liked the name Ian for a long time, until we ate out at a restaurant and the server's name was Ian. BJ thought he was a little "fruity" and so that's the association BJ had with the name Ian ever since.
3. The name has to be a good fit for our baby all the way up through adulthood.
4. The initials cannot spell something, and especially not something silly like my best friend from high school - E.L.F. Nor can they stand for something like my brother M.F. - poor guy.
5. For boys, the name cannot sound like a frat-daddy or quarterback. We're not opposed to fraternities nor football, but I guess we both have some negative associations with frat guys and quarterback types. For girls, the name cannot sound remotely like a stage name.
6. The name has to be prayed over and affirmed, or not dissaffirmed, by God.

Griffin James just feels right now that I've had the chance to say the name out loud a few hundred times. The name makes me smile when I look down at my round tummy and think about the little guy in there named Griffin. And perhaps from my perspective as mommy, that's the real test of a good name for this baby.


Staci said...

Will you guys name my kid?!?!?!? I need a good girl name! ;)

Ashley Jessie said...

Perfect! Can't wait to see Griffin.

Emily said...

Sorry Staci, you're on your own! It took us forever to come up with a name and it's the only one we got :-)

Ashley, one of Lily's name suggestions was Carson Taylor :-)

The Knight Family said...

Oh I Love it!!!!!!

it's Perfect :)

Jesse and Leslie said...

I love it! It goes so well with the other two! Can't wait to meet Griffin James!