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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lots of updates this week

Finally, on Thursday we saw a good image of little Baby Three. We were able to get a good measure and the final word is, as of today at the time of this post, I'm 7 1/2 weeks making my due date 04.29.09. With my history of delivering my first two exactly 3 weeks early, this little one could be here in early- to mid-April, but hopefully no later than April 29.

I've been really yucky this week. I caught a virus from Lily that involves a lot of coughing, sore throat, and a sinus headache. It has made me more tired than usual and I've not felt like blogging at all. Even this post will probably seem very "to-the-point" because I'm already trying to figure out how I can go lay down for a bit.

Schaeffer had his 15 month well-check this week. He is a growing boy! His girth is exceeding his height. It sure does make him cute though. I love chunky babies! During his appointment, Dr. Feld addressed two minor concerns that we'll be exploring more soon. First, Schaeffer still says no words. We'll be starting speech therapy to give him a jump start so he doesn't lag behind for too long. Dr. Feld believes Schaeffer will just burst with language very soon. Second concern, Schaeffer's big noggin has made two major leaps in growth the past two visits. This time his head measurment is off the chart, literally. To be on the safe side Dr. Feld will be ordering a brain scan just to make sure there's nothing causing the excessive growth, but he assured me that he fullly expected to see that he just has a big head. Dr. Feld is very thorough and so I understand he would not want to leave anything to chance.

I'm hoping to get more rest this weekend before heading into another busy week. I pray I fully recover before Monday!


Staci said...

A had his 15 month check up this week also - he hasn't added many more words to his vocab - still just momma, dadda, and of course Ella (all the time). Dr. wasn't too concerned.

And to make you feel better Juli's kids heads were ALWAYS off the charts! ;)

The Knight Family said...

We will be praying for you to start to feel better soon.
I know how hard it is to rest with 2 others to keep up with now. Praying for baby Schaeffer too!