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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family Reunion

I'm very delayed in getting this post written and these pictures posted. We enjoyed a family reunion with BJ's family in early September at his mom's house in Gatlinburg. We call her Nana Kaye. She has a beautiful, historic 1700s log cabin, which was moved to Gatlinburg from West Virginia. She has left the old cabin in it's original splendor and has added on additional space that includes running water and electric. In the pictures you can see the original cabin with it's faded logs. Before too long the newer additions will fade and blend right in with the old. She used the same log cabin building techniques that were used in the 1700s so that the old and new will eventually blend together.

The inside of the cabin is just as wonderful and I wish I had gotten some pictures inside. Nana Kaye loves primitive country style, but somehow she has made this style look and feel very comfortable. There are handsewn quilts, which she makes, and antiques in every corner. The sofas and chairs are soft, worn leather. And all the cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms are custom built from pine lumber. It's just an amazing place to visit, and the kids absolutely love it!

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