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Friday, May 2, 2008

Rainbow Day!

We've been looking forward to Rainbow day for 35 long days. That's how many days ago we placed the order for the Rainbow Sunshine Castle. And today they delivered the swingset and installed it. Lily loves it! We spent the entire day, with the exception of two hours for naptime, to swing, slide, climb, and jump.

As soon as Lily woke up this morning, I showed her the construction out her bedroom window. She immediately wanted her clothes on to go outside to check it out. It was a very windy day today, so Lily insisted on wearing her winter coat most of the day. I was sweating well before noon so I'm not sure how she could stand it.

As soon as the construction was done, Lily jumped on the swing and hardly took any breaks. I think that girl could swing for hours and hours. And when a few of her friends stopped by she allowed them to swing, but only on the blue one because the red one was hers and she was not giving it up. I hope her enthusiasm for the swingset remains for many years, and I hope Schaeffer grows to love it as well. He really enjoyed the baby swing that I attached to the swingset later in the day.

I can only imagine the hours we will spend this summer outside playing on the Rainbow.

(The path behind the swingset is our neighborhood walking trail that's right behind our house. What a great park setting for the new swingset.)


The Knight Family said...

Looks like a ton of FUN!

Ashley Jessie said...

Taylor and Carson can't wait to play on Lily's new playset. Carson counted the flags from our house. I am sure when they see Lily out playing on it, then we might have to take a walk up that way!!!! :o)