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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Little Artist

I finally finished framing and hanging Lily's artwork. It looks terrific in our bonus room -- really livens up the place. Lily has such a great eye for color and balance. I'm always amazed at how she fills up a page with color while maintaining a sense of balance in each piece. I know she doesn't understand what she is doing yet but she sure does act like it! It just goes to show you how wonderfully creative children can be.

Sometimes when she gets a painting started and then pushes it aside to discard, I sneak it away and begin to add my own paint to it. It's my way of sharing in some of her creative flow. One example is pictured below (top). She painted the red, yellow, and blue circle in the middle and added some radiating lines and some other shapes. When she was done and had pushed it aside, I added more color in the same style that she had started. It's our very first mother-daughter painting. It happens to be BJ's favorite.

Lily began finger painting about six months ago as a form of tactile sensory therapy. She hates (and I really mean absolutely cannot stand) to have stuff on her hands. Finger painting is helping to desensitize her from tactile defensiveness. She may finger paint for a few minutes before asking to wash it off, but then I offer her a paint brush so that she can continue. Some of her paintings below are done by finger and some are done by brush. The hand print painting was a huge accomplishment because she actually put paint in the palm of her hand -- that's supposedly one of the more difficult areas for kids with sensory problems.

I'm a very proud Mommy! I'm excited about starting Mommy and Me painting classes together in the near future. We will have such a blast!

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Anonymous said...

They are so amazing!!!! WOW! I love it and can't wait to see it!!