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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Home Tour: Update

We enjoyed our tour today of the house for sale. It has a nice layout that flows well and would accommodate our family well. I totally forgot to take pictures while there, so here are some of the photos from the listing.

Here's a back view. It has lots of large original wood windows. We have a love-hate relationship with original wood windows. They are beautiful to look at, but not energy efficient.

You can see in this photo the massive windows with lots of wide trim and the beautiful hardwood flooring - but not so beautiful wallpaper. This was one of the bedrooms. All 5 bedrooms were upstairs along with 2 full baths...more on that in a minute.

The landscaping is pretty and mature. I took note of all the azaleas, crepe myrtles, and other ornamental indigenous shrubs.

The living room was quite large and attached to a sunroom. The sunroom attached to a sunporch. Lots of light!

The home did have a few drawbacks. The 2-car garage had been converted into a workshop in such a way that the entire structure would need to be demo'd if we ever wanted a working garage. But the workshop could serve as extra storage and/or painting studio (Yay for me!). The laundry room is in the dark, damp basement (Boo for me!). The closets are teeny tiny.

And then there are these...

Yes, that's pink tile and avocado green fixtures (Jen, those are all yours if we get the house).

The kitchen was last updated in the 70's. The 70's were good, partially because I arrived on earth in '76, but the 70's were not good to kitchen designers. Luckily the kitchen has tons of potential with plenty of space for a renovation.

On a positive note, the home was very well kept despite the lack of updating. It didn't appear to need many repairs. And the backyard was level and a nice size. There was a separate gazebo/outdoor dining area that would be very awesome for Summertime dinners and having friends and family over.


ScrappinAway said...

I love the outside of the home, simply gorgeous. Looks like there would be some work to do on the inside but how fun it would be to see the before and after. I will say our laundry is in the basement and I HATE it. I have said I will never own another home with basement laundry. Just thought I would let you know from someone with experience. But maybe there is a way in renovating you could put a stackable on the main level for everyday loads and leave the other laundry for sheets and towels (just a thought). Can't wait to hear what you decide!

jen said...

that toilet is pretty sweet! I know that Shaun would kill me if I ever told he that I was going to put green fixtures in our bathroom!

Those floors look beautiful!

Jesse and Leslie said...

Love all the natural light and the landscaping. You guys could do wonders with the inside - so cool to see the possibilities!