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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Griffin is 10 Months (Feb. 23)

Griffin has been doing all kinds of new stuff this month. The week that he turned 10 months he advanced from crawling army style on his belly to crawling on his knees. This seems to be much more efficient for him and allows him to get around faster. It's almost time to put the baby gates back up. I really hate those things, but they are a necessary evil. I'll have to retrain the older two about the rules of the gates, like how to not leave them open when Griffin is around and how to not slam them in each other's faces as a form of revenge or torture (you gotta love the sin nature).

Griffin has been imitating and doing new tricks to get our attention, like banging toys on the table or squealing until we look at him. He then gives us a big grin. It's really cute. He likes to give me big slobbery open-mouth kisses and grabs hold of my hair or shirt and pulls me toward him to give me a big hug. I really enjoy the affection!

Unfortunately he has been battling some itchy eczema and cutting a lot of new teeth at the same time. That has interfered with his sleep (and mine too). This past week he has been tolerating baby food a little better. He has only gagged a few times when I've attempted to feed him - and he thankfully did not vomit any of those times. That's progress!

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