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Saturday, July 3, 2010

8 Weeks and Counting... Can't we count faster?!

We are now at week 8 with Baby 4. It's too bad we can't count by 2's during pregnancy! Ha ha! I'm feeling really pregnant - tired and yucky all the time. The tired factor is multiplied by 3 since I'm still keeping up with other little ones while my body takes over and cares for a 4th. I had a good check-up yesterday with Dr. B. Things are progressing as they should, even though I took myself off of prometrium about 2 weeks ago. I just couldn't handle the side effects of it and neither could Griffin who is still nursing. We both had major GI upset of all sorts. He and I are feeling much better since stopping the drug. It was meant to increase my progesterone level, which it did quite successfully. Since my progesterone level started off "normal" but slightly below "ideal" (according to Dr. B) I decided to take a chance and see if my body would do it's thing. It has! Now I'm the only one experiencing pregnancy symptoms and Griff has returned to his normal self...well, with the exception of a throat infection he got this week. Fortunately for him he got a shot of antibiotics yesterday and he is quickly on the mend.

We've had the privilege of having our niece, Ciera, stay with us a lot this summer. We've done all sorts of fun things and we drag her along with us. She's keeping up with our pace quite well. She has taken over our 3rd floor penthouse as we jokingly call it. That means she has a bedroom, full bath, and bonus room with a sofa and TV. It didn't occur to us until a few days ago that the TV is not working because we didn't hook it back up after removing cable. So I guess the TV doesn't really count, although, Ciera hasn't complained at all. She has her music and lots of family time with us. There's really no time for TV anyway. We hope to get the TV working again so we can watch some movies together...if I can figure out how to stay awake past 8 p.m.

So far it's been a very busy, fun-packed summer. BJ has been taking Lily and Schaeffer over to my parents' neighborhood pool at least once per weekend. I have been a few times, but unfortunately heat and nausea don't mix.

I hope you and your family enjoy a fun July 4 weekend. We may track down some fireworks somewhere and let the kids hide behind our legs from fear. LOL. Lily is actually interested in seeing fireworks this year. Schaeffer is hesitant but I think he'd enjoy the lights. Although, we may have to find him some ear plugs. Happy 4th!!


Staci said...

What a live-in-nanny!?! Jealous!!! Hehe! We will see you maybe at the end of the month!

creatorworship said...

Number 4, God be praised. But hey, maybe you don't want to count by two as you suggested, because that would mean we are talking about Number 4 and 5. So be patient- easy for me to say, I know.