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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Meet No. 4

Since it's been a while since my last post, I figured it was time to give an update. And...well, this update is pretty special. We learned about 2 weeks ago that we are expecting baby #4!!!!! On Friday we had our first ultrasound and learned that we were 6 weeks and 2 days. So I guess that makes us 7 weeks today. The little bean looked good and healthy. We heard the little heartbeat at 124 bpm. That was pretty special too! It's always exciting to hear the heartbeat for the first time...and every time after that. Our official due date is Feb. 9 which is just 2 days before Lily's 6th birthday.

I was slow to get an update on here because I started feeling pregnancy symptoms very early on. Mostly fatigue and nausea. I've been resting as much as possible and trying to reserve energy for all the other responsibilities around here. My brain has been fuzzy most of the time - I think it's major pregnancy brain. I've been afraid to write anything for fear it will come out wrong. But I did want to post some commonly asked questions that we've received since we began spreading the news:

Q: Where you expecting this?
A: We don't not expect it. I'm sure that makes no sense at all so let me explain. If you aren't preventing pregnancy and you have already had 3 healthy viable pregnancies before than you can expect to expect it. Although I don't ever put expectations on God's will and I never truly know if He will chose to bless us that way again. So we don't not expect it.

Q: Were you surprised?
A: No. Excited, but not surprised...which leads us to the next question.

Q: Do you know what causes this?
A: Yes, and its so darn fun! (Sorry, but if you are rude enough to ask me this, then please expect a rude answer).

Q: Are you insane?
A: I guess so if loving a large family makes us insane. I'm okay with that label. It's sure better than other labels.

Q: Do you own a TV?
A: Yes

Q: How are you going to keep up with 4 little ones?
A: I don't know but I'm sure it'll happen because we are responsible adults who love our children. We've done fine with 3. I don't suspect that a 4th will totally wreck our home and marriage. I've been told it's just another peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich to make at lunchtime. LOL

Q: You are brave (not really a question, but a statement I get a lot).
A: No, I'm not. My hubby is brave for loving me through another pregnancy (I'm a beast!), but I'm a weak doubting woman who just wants to make it through today.


Kristy said...

So very happy for you!!

jen said...

can't wait to meet the 4th! Your kids all have unique personalities and it is so much fun getting to watch them blossom! So excited for you guys! Maybe soon we can bring Shelby over for a visit so that the kiddos can get used to her and then we can babysit some more!

Ashley Jessie said...

Congrats Withrows!!!!! (the future family of 6). God is good!!

Jesse and Leslie said...

WOOP! WOOP! I can't thing of anything better than another Withrow baby! They have brought so much joy to J & I and so many others - we can't wait to meet this one!!! Praying especially for you sweet momma! We love you!

Staci said...

YAY! So sorry you have to deal with the questions (and statements) seems as if there is always someONE that has someTHING to say no matter HOW many children you DO or DON'T have!

I like the phrase "Your hands are full but your HEART is full also!"

Congrats and WOW!
Can't wait to see you all soon - maybe July!