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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sibling Speak

"Fear my boomer!" said Thor
I think almost all siblings have their inside jokes and special code language. My kids have started developing their own language which involves several key words. I wanted to record it here so I would always remember what those were:

boomer:  a large hammer like instrument or anvil. "Thor's boomer is cool."

whap: to whip. "Whap your horse to make it go faster!"

eyeballs: the balls or globes in the eye sockets. "Look into my eyeballs!" (For some reason this one brings on lots of laughter...I don't know, I just live here.)

X eyes: what happens to a cartoon character's eyes when it gets hit very hard by another character. "Jerry has X eyes!" (Again, lots of laughter.)

Do your kids have a special language or commonly use nonsense words? Share them here.

P.S. Charlotte has started singing "This old man..." But because she thinks it says "This snowman..." She sings it every time she sees a snowman. It cracks me up!

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Anonymous said...

It continues. In my house when siblings want to communicate a set of ideas or a perspective they quote from a book or movie. Just one phrase is enough to set them all laughing. If you ask why they say you had to be there or read the book or see the movie. Recently to communicate the brevity and uselessness of a prof's lectures, one simply said, "Chapter 14, "And it was a cat." It all seems random (like "Is vinegar non-polar then") unless you know the inside joke.