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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moby Wrap - Need Feedback Please

Dear Moms,
Anyone out there use a Moby Wrap Baby Carrier or know someone who has? I have a Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier and have found it to be worth every penny...with one exception, I cannot wear it for a long amount of time. The weight is distributed mostly to my shoulders and that can make my shoulders and neck really tired and achey. Same with my Ring Sling, which I made. Otherwise, I love both my Baby Bjorn and Ring Sling carriers. The one benefit of the Baby Bjorn is that BJ can wear it too without looking silly. The Moby Wrap, however, looks so comfy because it looks like wearing a soft stretchy shirt with a baby tucked inside. The weight looks like it's distributed evenly between shoulders, back, and waist. I welcome feedback about this wrap or other carriers you've found to be exceptionally comfy that you can wear for a long period of time. I have a feeling Baby 4 will have to go along for the ride, and that will probably mean on my person most of the time.

P.S. My 20-week ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. I am so excited I can hardly wait!!!

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cassie said...

So funny you posted this because Les and I were in Cutie Tooties today looking at them!

Everyone I have talked to about them LoVE theirs and there are so many ways you can wear it. Not to mention for the bigger girls, like myself, it is not a clip or something else uncomfortable. I think I have a pattern for one somewhere if you might be interested in me making one for you :) I will double check.

My thoughts- get one. I plan on using it when Baby Lawson comes!