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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, etc...

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there! You are a special creation and don't you believe otherwise no matter how you may feel from day to day, no matter how many piles of laundry await you, no matter how many tantrums your toddler may throw, no matter how many pieces of bubble gum your preschooler just swallowed within a 3 minute period, no matter how many times your infant awakes in the middle of the night just because he wants his mommy, and no matter that you don't have your children involved in every sport team, academic activity, or social playgroup. Being a mom is a tough job - by far the toughest job I've ever loved - but God equips us every day with exactly what we need when we call on Him. Go Moms, Go!

For Mother's Day my sweet BJ gave me a Canon Rebel camera. That should mean that the photos that I post on here should look near professional...well, as soon as I learn how to use the thing. I'm pretty excited to learn about my new SLR camera and learn some photog tricks.

We completed the parent interview this week for Lily's enrollment with the homeschool co-op at River's Edge. I think it went well, except for the fact that Lily sat the whole hour with her back to the Administrator and Board Member who were conducting the interview. Believe me, I tried to get her to turn around in her chair and face them and be a polite little angel. Fortunately, both gentlemen completely understood her discomfort with being in a new place. We purchased our homeschool curriculum and I can't wait for it to ship so I can begin looking through it and getting prepared. We meet the other kindergarten students and families next Tuesday at a family informational meeting.

Griffin has another feeding/speech evaluation this Tuesday. Turns out the first evaluation with UT Hearing and Speech was incorrectly scheduled. They don't do feeding therapy there. It was a miscommunication between our pediatrician and his referral nurse. We waited 2 months to get in with that speech pathologist. She completed the evaluation and then afterwards told me she'd need to refer me to someone else who does infant feeding therapy. Aaaaarrrggghhh! So now we will be going to Kids Rehab. Luckily they got us in very quickly so we won't have to wait another two months. I'm sure it was because Griffin's pediatrician diagnosed him failure to thrive and now it's officially on his chart. I'm so glad my identity as a mom isn't tied up into my children's ability to speak and eat on their own. LOL!!

It was a great Mother's Day and I enjoyed the beautiful cooler weather. I spent about 3 hours on my parent's porch swing with Griffin sleeping on my lap. Where was the camera when I needed it? I love being a mommy even on the days that it seems insurmountably difficult. Thank you Jesus for my precious gifts!

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