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Thursday, March 5, 2009

32 Weeks and Counting

We had another OB appt today, which included an ultrasound. Dr. B wanted to check up on Griffin's kidneys again to see if the fluid has lessened. Praise the LORD! He only had minuscule amounts of fluid in his kidneys which probably means the blockage is working itself out and his kidneys are able to rid themselves of the fluid. The nurse also went ahead and did some measurements to see if Griffin's growth was on track. Sure enough, he measured 32 weeks and 3 days and today I am 32 weeks and 1 day. He's right on track. And Griffin's head is down instead of in the breech position he has been in since 20 weeks. I was encouraged to know that he flipped and got into proper birthing position!

The somewhat negative part of the appt was when I was told I'm already dilated 2 cm. At 32 weeks I really shouldn't be dilating, but with all the contractions I've been having it didn't come as a big surprise. I've been ordered to rest a lot more and to NOT lift! I believe the nurse said, "No, no, no lifting. I know it will be hard with 2 small children at home, but you just can't be lifting." She's absolutely right. It will be hard, but with Griffin's health on the line it's what needs to happen. BJ will be working from home indefinitely - or until after Griffin is born and we know he is healthy. Please pray for BJ because he's already working two full-time jobs between mine and his. He will be working at the "home office" nights and weekends to keep afloat. It will be hard on him, and it will be hard on me to sit by and watch him do all the work to take care of our family. We know Jesus will provide for our needs, and He has already surrounded us with so many amazing friends and family who have already helped tremendously.

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