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Monday, November 17, 2008

We're Going Green!

We're going green around here, and not the tree-huggin' type. I'm in the process of switching over our cleaning and health/beauty supplies to more natural and less toxic products. All this was brought on by this crazy pregnancy. It all started when I began removing some of the more noxious items in our home because they were making me queasy every time I smelled them. The common perpetrators were shampoo and conditioner, soap, candles, air fresheners, and bathroom cleaners. I noticed when I switched out those products for ones that are vegetable based, even though they too have fragrance added, I wasn't having the gag reflex. I have come to the conclusion that the chemical fumes mixed with fragrance (which is probably stronger since they have to cover the chemical smell) was creating problems for me. It wasn't simply the fragrance itself. I have really enjoyed the scent of natural citrus, fruits and spices as long as they are in their natural state. I figure the benefits to this switch, even though not my initial goal, is to be a better steward of the natural resources God has entrusted to each one of us, and to create a healthier home for my children.

As I make this switch I'll share from time-to-time what natural products I find and how well I like them. (Not all the products I have started using are 100% natural, but they are mostly natural and don't contain toxic chemicals). So far I have switched everything in my shower, since that's supposed to be a relaxing experience and not one where I'm holding back gags. I am using Aveeno moisturizing bar, Tom's of Maine body wash (already love their all natural toothpaste), Burt's Bees facial cleanser, Aveeno shower/bath oil, Aveeno shave cream, and Bumble and Bumble Seaweed shampoo and conditioner (not all natural, but I love the smell and my hair likes it too). I have also switched hand soap and bathroom cleaner. I love Melaleuca Moisturizing Liquid Soap (they have a holiday scent - spiced fig - which is awesome!). Clorox has a line of green products called Green Worx, and so far I have used and really like their bathroom cleaner. It did the job just as well as any other store brand, but without the horrible fumes. My next switches will be laundry and dishwashing detergents, furniture polish and other types of household cleaners. I'm very curious to try Melaleuca Sol-U-Guard Botanical Disinfectant since we are heading into cold and flu season. So keep posted for more product reviews.

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