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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Preschool Open House

Today we attended Open House at Lily's new preschool at the Lutheran church. She did so well today going right into the room to play. The teacher, Mrs. Denna, had prepared a small activity for the children to do upon entering the classroom. Lily was interested in the activity for...umm...let's say 2 seconds. She was busy eyeballing all the cool toys in the room. We quickly finished the "sit-down work" so that Lily could check out all the toys. I had the chance to talk with Mrs. Denna for a little bit. I think she's going to be a great teacher for Lily. She shared a little bit about her philosophy on learning through play and creativity. I love that, especially for Lily! She shared with me that she wants the children to be as independent as possible, but that she would be available to help each child when they needed it. I observed Mrs. Denna help Lily with Play-doh and she was great in guiding her. Sometimes Lily struggles with fine motor skills (opening/closing lids, manipulating small toys and craft items, etc.). I watched as Mrs. Denna gave Lily several suggestions for making the Play-doh "work" the way Lily wanted it to. I could tell that it was going to be a good match!

Lily's favorite part about the preschool is the playground. The playground is accessed directly from the classroom. Great for Lily, but maybe not so great for Mrs. Denna who will have to hear children begging to go outside all the time! Lily asked me to take her picture on the animals - she loves animals so the playground is right down her alley.

I'm very excited for Lily as she starts this new adventure. I think she is going to do great. I can't help but worry a little bit and be a little sad that my little girl is growing up. But my excitement for her growth through this experience far exceeds any of my worries or sadness.

As a side note: Sarah, the director of the preschool, announced to us last week that she will need to step down from the position. She was involved in a white water rafting accident this summer that injured her elbow. She has undergone physical therapy for months and just learned two weeks ago that the nerve damage is permanent and she will probably never have feeling in the lower half of her arm again. Sarah cried as she made the announcement, saying, "I will not be able to do some of the things I once did, such as picking up these little ones and holding them." Please pray for Sarah that God would give her healing and that she could once again be able to return to doing what she loves so much and is so gifted in doing - working with children! It was because of Sarah that I chose the Lutheran preschool over some other programs. She is a wonderful lady who's gifted, organized, sincere, and loving. She will be greatly missed.


The Knight Family said...

Yeah Lily!!!! We are so proud of you!!
you & Emma grace will have to swap "Pre school stories!"

Anonymous said...

Yipee for lilybug!!! I am so proud of that little girl! I can't even begin to imagine how much pride you have! Looks like it is going to be a great adventure for her!