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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Name That Tune

[Sorry! Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, and understanding, this video had to be removed. I hope to add another video soon.]

Even though we have a bit of a communication break-down in this video, once she gets around to focusing on the question she knows exactly who composed this piece. Our little music lover really has a knack for classical music. She can pinpoint instruments in pieces such as violin, cello, trumpet and drums. And her favorites are Mozart, Beethoven, Offenbach and Grieg. Thanks to my brother, we have had to listen to a particular classical CD since Thanksgiving...yes, that's five months of the same CD. She really has a special talent and we hope to tap into that talent very soon with some music lessons of some sort. I've been doing a little research around town to find out what would be best for a 3-year old. Her ultimate dream would be to play the violin. I can even use it as bribery some days to get her to eat. I'll say, "Lily, eat all your dinner so you can grow big and learn to play the violin." I guess I'll have to stand behind my word one day.


One said...

did you take the video off? when I click on it, it says video no longer available?

Emily said...

Sorry. Having some technical difficulties for some reason. Please check back.